Shakeer Kulathukattil

Junior DH Designer

Shakeer is a DHN Cad Technician with over 7+ years of experience in the Precast concrete industry.

He started his career in India as a Junior Site Engineer, where he learned the basics of project management and quality control.

Then, later he moved to Bahrain and worked as a Precast Design Engineer for two prominent companies in the Precast concrete industry, where he was involved in the designing and installation of various precast structures for residential and commercial projects.

With his ability in 3D modelling, AutoCAD, and other designing software, he is confident in his ability to deliver top-notch results.

Recently, he relocated to the UK and joined 3D Technical Design Ltd. Shakeer creates both 2D drawings and 3D models to support the design of district heat network installations around the country. He is passionate about creating innovative and sustainable solutions that meet the needs of our clients and the environment.