Advanced Feasibility Studies

With over 20 years’ experience in designing, building, installing, operating and maintaining district energy schemes we are unique consultants in our field.

Our studies and advice, are informed by experience in delivery and our passion to improve the industry. Our track record has enabled projects, in complex city-centre environments to rapidly progress, under control, into detailed design and procurement stages.

3D Technical Design possess a unique level of Heat Network; Feasibility, Design and Delivery experience, which spans over 20 years. We are a consultancy who solely specialise in the delivery of Heat Networks. 

CIBSE Cert Heat Networks Consultant

The benefits of our practitioner-led advice include:

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Advanced Feasibility Study Experience:

Construction Design/Delivery Experience

Throughout the last 15 years, our Engineers have played central roles in the design, delivery and expansion of the following schemes:

Our Experienced Practitioners add significant value by offering:

advanced feasibility Products and Services Included

3D Technical Design only use experienced construction practitioners to assess and minimise the considerable risks which buried utilities present to all Heat Network projects.

Our practitioners undertake a thorough assessment of utility records, offering our clients assurance that both high risk utilities and their collective configurations have been assessed by expert civil engineers. This is where the greatest benefit of our project experience is realised.

Solutions require experience to assess and justify the compromises between urban utility congestion, Traffic Management, and a system’s considerable operational forces.

3D Technical Design offer a unique level combined competence in Heat Network route proving.

3D Technical Design offer the assurance that Desk Top Studies are undertaken by construction practitioners, experienced in the review of both structural information and historical OS Maps. We provide our clients with an informed insight into a City’s unique historical buried landscape, and explain risks, solutions and offer practical examples of where Heat Network routes are affected by:

  • Legacy Foundations/Tunnels/Bridges
  • Historical Waterways/Canal Paths
  • Historical Rail/Tram Infrastructure
  • Changed Street Layouts
  • Land Use/Contamination
  • Church/ Burial Grounds
  • Historical Energy Infrastructure
  • Local Stakeholder Knowledge and records

3D Technical Design ensure that risks are recorded, monitored and managed throughout the Advanced Feasibility process, Registers are; professionally presented, easy to navigate, and have been used to inform decisions on numerous schemes which have reached construction.

3D Technical Design ensure CDM best practice is followed, by practitioners with experience in:

  • Construction Health and Safety
  • Commercial and Stakeholder Management
  • Technical Assessments
  • Consent Path Management

Our experienced practitioners draw from backgrounds across the industry and have expertise in dealing with a full spectrum of Stakeholders in a sensitive and pro active manner.

We guarantee that site visits are carried out by experienced Buried Heat Network design and delivery practitioners. We believe and demonstrate why all civil engineering routes should be assessed by a competent practitioner, in order to provide sufficient control and assurance.

During site visits, our team:

  • Identify and qualify programme and cost impacts
  • Assess Mechanical and Structural risks and opportunities
  • Assess Traffic Management constraints/strategies
  • Assess Major Infrastructure Crossings
  • Identify, record and assess construction risks (HAZIDs)
  • Develop an understanding of local environment to inform third-party stakeholder dialogue at an early stage

As part of 3D Technical Design’s overall Risk Management process, our experienced Practitioners offer and can facilitate a range of informative presentations and Risk Reduction Workshops.

We are privileged to often be the lead participant in providing Heat Network construction experience, and all of our consultants have a passion in sharing their experience, in order to safely manage the complex process towards delivery.

Experienced Construction Practice3D Technical Design are adept at making viable projects happen, as our consultants understand and embody a solution based approach, which is essential for successful construction.

Our reputation and feasibility to project conversion rate is so high, because we can understand, articulate and prioritise what makes a successful project.

Equally, our consultants are also experienced in explaining where and why a project may ultimately be technically or commercially unviable.

Our early advice during Feasibility helps to steer the assessment, and establish specific risk categories. Risk are summarised, in both detailed reports and in tabular form to reflect and explain specific priorities which will impact the
project environment.

3D Technical Design ensure that the development and presentation of route options, are easily understood by all stakeholders.

Our Team of experienced industry Practitioners develop annotated route drawings, which set out the challenges and benefits of favoured/potential Route Options.

The dimensioning of the alternative route options help the client to assess the commercial benefits/risks of proving key technical/commercial factors, and make suitable risk provisions based upon their outcomes.

3D Technical Design’s practitioners are experienced in managing the construction consent paths, methods, costs, timescales and risks associated with Major Infrastructure crossings. Our approach allows our clients to prioritise the resolution of these project critical issues affectively.

Each major infrastructure crossing presents significant challenges and require detailed and innovative solutions.

3D Technical Design has an extensive track records in dealing with third-parties:

  • Rail/Tram Lines
  • Major Highways and Junctions
  • Motorways
  • Canals and Rivers Trust
  • Tunnels/Culverts

Our experienced industry Practitioners regularly develop both Design and Construction Budgets/Programmes, and run Procurement exercises for the Private Public sector.

Our client’s benefit from informed Programmes which are key to; planning and resourcing project development, CDM pre-construction tasks, and the detailed approach we take is a central reason for why so many of our Feasibility Studies rapidly reach construction, against plan, and under control.