Samuel Coats

DHN CAD Technician

Samuel Coats is a mechanical engineer holding a Bachelors of Science from Liberty University in Virginia, USA. With his detail-oriented drive, Sammy has experience in various industries, including construction planning, manufacturing, HVAC, military defence testing and surveying. Through his diverse experience, Sammy has gained 2D and 3D proficiencies using AutoCAD, SolidWorks and ANSYS Workbench in addition to real-world implementation of engineering principles.

Before joining the 3DTD team, Sammy gained experience in 2D surveying and AutoCAD mapping of buried and suspended infrastructure systems, such as electrical, telecommunication, wastewater, and water distribution, in Chiang Mai, TH. In every project and job he has worked on, Sammy holds high standards to output the utmost quality he is capable of. With a tendency to thrive under pressure, he continually welcomes challenges for self-improvement. Sammy’s passion is for environmental sustainability and to help reduce the world’s carbon footprint, one district heat network at a time.

As a DHN CAD Technician, Sammy supports the feasibility team involved in RIBA stages 1-3 through route option reviews, feasibility studies, model and drawing production, technical report writing, and hazards identification (HAZIDs) through the review of C2 utilities and historical maps. Additionally, he has had a hand in route stress analysis using the Logstor calculator, concept design models of Major Infrastructure Crossings, General Arrangement drawings, and Target Depth models.