Nottingham – Southside Development

Project Details

Client / Vital Energi

Project Design and Delivery Management of Nottingham’s Southside Development

The District Heating scheme in Nottingham is one of the largest in the UK and has a total span of approximately 85km. Our Head of Network Design was engaged by Vital Energi to lead the Project Design and Delivery Management of Nottingham’s Southside Development on the installation of a new network from an existing energy centre across to the Southside of Nottingham, to complement the Cities Regeneration Strategy.


CaseStudy-NottinghamThe project faced several technical design and coordination challenges including the crossing of a five-carriage arterial route into the city centre. The pipes subsequently passed through a 1.5m diagonal concrete core drilled through a bridge abutment to enable the network to pass under a raised carriageway and were installed under the archway on support brackets with double slide guides to allow free movement. The pipes then went below ground and ran alongside the canal within the bed of a river flood relief culvert. Further on, the pipes exited the ground due to insufficient clearance between the canal wall and the network rail bridge under which they had to cross. After rising above the surface level, the configuration of the pipes was changed to stacked and they were fixed to the abutment wall of the network rail bridge on support brackets. Due to the restricted access to the canal area, the pipes were delivered and installed from canal barges.

Additionally, the pipes had to cross a historical keystone canal bridge which had limited cover depth and was unable to accommodate a pair of DN250 pre-insulated pipes, therefore the pipes were installed in a manifold configuration. Furthermore, the design had to ensure that the force transmitted to the bridge due to thermal expansion of the pipes was kept to a minimum. To achieve this requirement, vertical curved pipes were installed to direct the axial forces towards the surface.



Stakeholders included:

  • British Waterways
  • Network Rail
  • Nottingham Highways & Structures
  • Transco
  • Logstor
  • Vital Energi