Prasop Namwongsa

DHN CAD Technician

Prasop Namwongsa is a recent Mechanical Engineering graduate from Suranaree University in Thailand. Prasop was particularly interested in HVAC, detail design, and energy management throughout his time at university. He focused heavily on detail design and became proficient in using AutoCAD 2D/3D, CATIA, SOLIDWORKS, and MATLAB.

He completed a four-month cooperative internship as an Assistant Mechanical Engineer, where he worked full-time helping senior engineers design a Clean Room System for a drive manufacturer and data storage company. This experience taught him the importance of detailed design, as even small errors can cause significant problems in the system. Prasop’s solid educational background, hands-on experience, and growing expertise make him a promising professional in the field of Mechanical Engineering.

After graduation, Prasop started his first job at 3DTD as a DHN CAD Technician. In this role, he has taken on various tasks including designing DHN chambers, alarm wires, communication duct routes, and detailed designs. Recently, he has developed an interest in stress analysis in DHN routes.