Martin Jubb

Martin Jubb

Technical Lead

Martin is an experienced Senior District Heating Design Engineer and Team Leader with knowledge of a number of Systems and Suppliers.

He has experience in route design and network sizing. Martin has been the lead designer on two of the UK’s largest heat Networks with the majority of the design carried out by him. These networks contained multiple developers and a local authority, with many challenges to overcome.

Martin’s original background started in the electrical field but moved across to District Heating approximately 15 years ago. He began his career in District Heating as a Project Engineer, supervising and controlling the installation of a number of projects. This in turn helped him discover a passion for Sustainable Energy and a desire to move into the design of networks. Martin’s experience as a Project Engineer helps him understand the limitations of the pre-Insulated pipe used in District Heating Networks, which further helps him understand the importance of 3D network designs and the benefit this has to the installation of the systems. Martin can provide a great deal of practical experience from his previous role as a Senior District Heating Design Engineer within E.ON, where he provided the majority of the design for the Cranbrook District Heating Network and Monkerton District Heating Network.

Martin’s current role as Senior District Heating Design Engineer is key to ensuring design solutions meet the high expectations of the clients and provide enough information to carry out the construction to the highest quality. His role is to produce designs through all stages of the development from preliminary to as-built.