Linley Utley

HR Manager

Linley joined us as our HR manager in 2023 to cement the close relationship between 3D Technical Design and its employees.

She provides a full-service ‘HR desk’ to staff, assisting with any people-related queries they may have and ensuring project managers bring out the best in their design team.  In addition to providing advice to senior management on human resource implications for the business and ensuring compliance with employment regulations, Linley’s skills in policy development and report writing have ensured our HR policies are in keeping with best industry standards. Her versatile skill set gained in her previous roles within the HR and Financial Regulatory Compliance sector is invaluable to the company as she strives to cultivate employee engagement and loyalty in our employees and source the top talent in our industry. She has lived in several countries in Africa, Asia and Europe and is adept at engaging with people of different cultures and backgrounds professionally and respectfully.

Linley is CIPD qualified and holds a BA (Hons) Degree in Economics.