Commercial Management, Governance, Quality Assurance, Compliance and Supervision

Our Associates possess unique experience across the UK’s city-wide Heat Networks.

Heat Network Associates Ltd, specialise in providing practitioner-led professional services to the Heat Network Industry.

Why choose Heat Network Associates?

Our specialist Associates have 10-15 years’ Senior Management experience, providing Governance across; Construction, Commercial and Financial aspects of operational UK Heat Networks.
We utilise our collective experience to ensure that compliance and best practice are maintained across the supply chain, particularly as the UK’s Heat Network industry rapidly expands.

We operate with clear messages at the heart of our offering;

  • We appropriately resource our advice, and nurture collaborative partnerships. This is testament to the long-established relationships our Associates demonstrate with their Clients.
  • Our Associates are experienced in managing Risks, and delivering Opportunities.
  • Our Associates are passionate about sharing their experience.
  • Our Associate have lengthy and demonstrable track records in “making it happen”

Our Associates then complement their unique levels of specialist industry expertise, with an appreciation that successful Heat Network advice requires a practical understanding of how each core function affects another:


Financial Anaylsis





Stakeholder Management

Quality and Assurance

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Governance Products and Services

Quality Management

Heat Network Associates have developed a Quality Management System which includes detailed; processes, procedures, specifications and compliance documents, which are tailored to supervising Heat Network construction.

We are both experienced and able to perform supervision roles on behalf of our Clients under all commonly used industry contracting forms, including:

  • Supervisor (NEC III)
  • Engineer’s Representative (Infrastructure Conditions of Contract)
  • Contract Administrator (JCT)
  • Clerk of Works

Knowledge Sharing

We operate a cloud based Common Data Environment, which is easy for both the Client and Contractor to access, and can be tailored to comply with
Client BIM Protocols.

Practitioner-led Resourcing

Our Associates are vastly experienced in managing compliance in Construction.
Our ultimate goal is to ensure accountability so that a quality led Contractor can perform to agreed standards, and our Clients receive the outcomes specified.

Our Associates have industry specific experience in supervising:

  • Welding and Sleeving.
  • Leak Detection.
  • Civil (Excavation, Trench Maintenance and Reinstatement).
  • Traffic Management and Signage.
  • System Commissioning.
  • Surveying.
  • Maintenance of Site Records
  • CDM 2015
  • Design Review, Technical Support and Change Control
  • Contractor Programmes.

Construction Contract Drafting Support

Our Commercial Associates complement Legal Advice by focusing on producing the project/industry specific content which is required to provide both clarity and control to Construction Contracts.

We use our significant experience in managing large-scale Heat Network infrastructure programmes to guide our Clients, and ensure that the following are tightly reflected in Construction contracts;

Detailed Scope of Works
Seeking to avoid the ever-growing proportion of Heat Network construction contracts, which have disputes and price adjustments based on inadequate detailing of either Scope and Outputs.

Risk Allocation
We provide our clients with documented clarity regarding commonly encountered construction risks which often give rise to both time and cost claims. We particularly ensure that the contract is clear on what risks are agreed and foreseeable.

Best Practice – Practical Clauses
Using our reference best practice delivery, Heat Network Associates can provide appropriate requirements, contents and templates for day to day essential processes, including;

  • Site Management Duties
  • Surveying
  • Design Change
  • Programmes
  • Stakeholder Management

Performance Penalties
Heat Network Associates provide guidance on events which should give rise to; non-conformances, deficiency points, and advise regarding how to pre-estimate Liquidated Damages.

In-Construction: Contract Governance

We have significant competence in leading in the delivery of Contract Governance in Construction.

Heat Network Associates can act as; Project Manager (NEC III), Engineer (ICC) or Contract Administrator (JCT) and are uniquely experienced in representing our Clients interests through professionally managing:

  • Impartial Contract Management
  • Contractor Compliance
  • Non-Conformance
  • Programme, and Critical Path Reviews
  • The Awarding of Deficiency Points and Penalties
  • Assessment of time and cost claims and variations
  • Quantity Surveying
  • Chairing Coordination Meetings
  • Stakeholder Management
  • Dispute Resolution
  • Performance/Claim Management


Our Associates possess extensive experience in supporting both public and private sector Heat Network Infrastructure procurement processes, and can offer specialist support including:

  • Production of detailed tender packs.
  • Market Engagement/Supply Chain Analysis.
  • Soft Market Testing.
  • Drafting Quality Questions specific to the industry/project requirements.
  • Drafting Technical Questions to establish and measure genuine competence.
  • Evaluation criteria and assessment tools.
  • Supplier Engagement and Presentations.

Procurement of the right delivery partners is an essential component in building long-term infrastructure projects, and the most important element of our support is our ability to identify and measure the difference between “generic answers” and those that have been developed based on the project and client’s unique requirements.

Programme Management

Our Associates are experienced in performing central roles, taking visions (concepts) through to delivery and operation (reality). This unique level of practitioner experience makes Heat Network Associates an exceptional source of Programme Management.

We offer Associates who are qualified MSP Practitioners (Managing Successful Programmes). Who have successfully managed several 3-5 year strategic city-wide Heat Network Programmes.

Our key differentiator is our Associates’ Senior Level experience across all functions which align to deliver a successful scheme including;

  • Financial
  • Legal
  • Technical
  • Construction
  • Operations

Practitioner-led Peer Review

Our Associates offer experienced practitioner-led peer reviews to ensure that key contents are not missed from critical documents, and that risks are appropriately captured and understood.

We see this as an essential source of reassurance, in an industry which is growing at a rapid rate, and where schemes are reliant upon long-term; Commercial, Financial and Technical performance in order to deliver and sustain a return on investment.

Heat Network Associates, offer practitioners who are uniquely experienced in assisting Clients through their corporate governance and approval processes.

We openly highlight both the risks and rewards associated with developing Heat Networks, and seek to ensure the industry benefits from investments which are made on an informed basis.

The key areas Heat Network Associates offer practitioner-led Peer Reviews are:

  • Business Case
  • Energy Supply Agreements
  • Connection Agreements
  • Joint-Cooperation Agreements
  • Construction Contracts
  • Resourcing Strategies
  • Business Development Strategies
  • Marketing and Communications Strategy
  • Risk Analysis
  • ESCO Structure/Governance
  • CAPEX Budgets
  • OPEX Budgets
  • Financial Models

We offer reassurance that our Associates have extensive real-world experience in; developing, implementing, governing and measuring the above across a portfolio of established and expanding UK Heat Networks.

Key Senior Practitioners

Craig Grobety - Commercial Director

Craig is a well-recognised and experienced UK Heat Network Consultant, who possesses significant commercial and practical experience across; project development, construction, operation and expansion of many of the largest Heat Networks in the UK.

Craig’s most notable qualities are; a focus on delivery, a passion to support people and change, and the strength to implement improved standards in challenging environments.

From Law Firms to Project Cabins you will always see Craig act consistently in trying to present and implement processes to benefit the industry.

A CIBSE registered Heat Network Consultant; Craig has also drafted, negotiated and governed a broad range of contract and procurement solutions across the Private and Public Sectors, including; Heat Network Joint Co-operation Agreement’s, Energy Supply Agreements, Construction Agreements, Building Connection and Power Purchase Agreements.

As one of the UK’s leading Heat Network Commercial Experts, Craig is highly skilled in the development, updating and reporting of scheme Financial Models, and prides himself in streamlining complex analysis, so that it is easily understood and central to informed decision making.


David is one of the UK’s most experienced and trusted buried network designer and construction practitioners.

Possessing vast city centre Heat Network delivery expertise, David has managed the installation of many of the UK’s largest and most complex buried networks.

David’s background in surveying the civil environment, is complemented with significant Mechanical experience, in supervising welding and jointing of buried networks.


Nicola has over 15 years’ accountancy experience in District Energy, leading the Finance, Management Accounts, and Analytical support functions within the largest Group portfolio of District Energy Schemes in the UK.

With Senior Management experience at Cofely District Energy Group, Nicola supported various schemes across the UK, including Southampton Geothermal, Birmingham District Energy Scheme and the Olympic Park.

Nicola has extensive practical experience in writing and implementing internal Heat Network accounting policies, ensuring Financial analysis and modelling is compliant with appropriate accounting standards.

Possessing a proven track record in stakeholder management via business partnering whilst working within one of the UK’s top accountancy firms, Nicola communicates complex and technical accounting issues in a straight forward and understandable way to non-finance parties.

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